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Watched the Super Smash Bros 50 facts extravaganza.Lots of very cool stuff!And I can't wait to get it,especially since I stopped playing my 3DS Smash.I'm going to express my opinions on some of the facts.This is going to be long....

1. The default roster for the WiiU: Has more characters unlocked as the starting roster than the 3DS.The roster already has Bowser Jr.,Ness,Jigglypuff and Ganondorf unlocked.While in the 3DS version,you have to unlock them.I guess that's ok but it gives you less characters to unlock.Then again,Ness and Bowser Jr. did give me a hard time....

2. Resolution: Of course the WiiU will have better resolution.And it looks awesome~

3. 8 Player Smash: Oh h**l yes,who wouldn't want to play with 7 other players at the same time?Things will get chaotic very quickly.And that also means bigger stages to battle on.Speaking of which....

4. Bigger Stages: These stages are perfect for 8 player smash.Palutena's Temple,Hyrule Temple ( a returning stage from Melee ),Big Battlefield ( what's there to say,it's Battlefield just bigger ),and The Great Cave Offensive (holy s**t I literally lost it when I saw the stage,I love it~ )

5. Danger Zones: Watch out for these lava like danger zones in the Great Cave Offensive stage.It will even KO you instantly when you're over 100%

6. Dual Plane Battling: The new DK stage features two platforms,one in the front and one in the back.A pretty cool mechanic,you can even use barrels to get to the other platforms.But be careful,use them too right after using another barrel and you'll explode.At the rear platform,fighters get launched easier so it's a double edged sword.

7. Number of Stages: Obviously the WiiU will have more stages than the 3DS,some returning stages of Melee and Brawl. *thumbs up* More stages mean more choices to battle in.

8. Miiverse Stage: Another new stage but it won't be available just yet,It's just a simple stage but you can see other people's miiverse posts while you battle.

9. Palutena's Guidance: It's pretty much like how Snake calls up his buddies and talk about a fighter.Nothing else to say.But quite a cool tidbit for those who played Kid Icarus Upraising game though.

10. Metalface: The stage boss of the Guar Plains.He only appears at night and attacks the fighters.Can be KO'd like Yellow Devil.

11. Ridley: Welp,sorry Ridley fans.He may not be playable but you can add him to your side if you attack him enough.And my god is he OP,like those bird people in the Earthbound stage.He can even turn into Meta Ridley and become even more OP.Like Metalface and Yellow Devil,he can be KO'd but KOing him can earn you a point.

12. Coin Battles: A returning feature from past smash games.I don't really use this mode so....meh.

13. Stamina Battles: Another returning feature......yay.

14. Special Smash: Customizing the way you fight,nothing new.It's another returning feature.

15. Item Frequency: Why wasn't this on the 3DS?Seriously....

16. My Music: Tons of music and customizing which ones appear more frequently.Yes~

17. Menu Music: Customizing which music plays at the menu screen,yes~

18. Tons of Music: The WiiU will have way more music than the 3DS.And it even has music from the 3DS too.My goodness,the 3DS has quickly become obsolete.

19. Composers. Of course,WiiU will have more composers than the 3DS.

20. CDs: Try to collect them all~

21. Challenges: Oh boy,way more stuff to achieve than the 3DS.That's going to be a challenge.No pun intended.

22. Classic Mode: WAY more different than the 3DS version of Classic mode.It is now skill-based and a lot more complicated than what we're used to.This may take some getting used to.But Two Player Coop Classic Mode???H**l yes!

23. Clear Movies: A neat little clip on the fighters that you have completed Classic mode at the end.

24. All-Star Mode: Has an interesting twist.In the 3DS,you battle fighters from oldest to newest in the timeline.But in the WiiU,this is reversed.The rest area is pretty too,with trophies of fighters you have defeated in the background.There's coop for all-star mode too.

25. Event Mode: Yet another old classic.Clear battles with specific goals.

26: Smash Tour: The WiiU expulsive equivalent of the Smash Run.It's a board game like mode....I don't really know how to explain it.But I think I like Smash Run more than this.

27. Target Blast: The bomb on the second phase is bigger and heavier than the first bomb.I'm not a big fan of this mode since I tend to blow myself up.

28. Group Stadium: Just a coop in stadium modes.

29. Special Orders: Special challenges from Master or Crazy Hand.You purchase tickets and do specific challenges.They also vary in difficulty.These can only be tried once so take caution.Crazy Hand's challenges are even harder,but the rewards are great.

30. Master Fortress: We've seen the Swarm,we've seen the many forms of the Master Core.But we have never seen another form it can take in the WiiU version.The Master Fortress,and it's huge.You literally have to infiltrate it on the inside and find it's weak spot.

31. Controllers: Lots of variety to play.You can play on the WiiU pad,gamecube controller,Wii Remote plus,Nunchuk,Classic controller,Classic controller pro,WiiU pro controller and surprisingly the 3DS.Choose what you're most comfortable with and play.

32. Gamecube Controller Adapter: Have a gamecube controller,well now with this you can use it.Heck yes~

33. Using the 3DS as a Controller: Cause why not?Pretty handy if you're short on the other controllers.

34. Connecting to the 3DS: Any customized fighters and Miis you have created can now be imported to the WiiU so now you don't have to recreate them. *thumbs up*

35. Tons of Trophies: Way more trophies than the 3DS and in HD. *thumbs up*

36. Final Smash Trophies: A returning feature from Brawl.Nothing more.

37. Trophy Box: Displays trophies in a certain theme.Um,a neat thing I guess.

38.Photostudio: Set up trophies and take pictures.Yep.

39. Trophy Rush: There's coop but that's about it.You can also beat the crap out of each other too.

40. Masterpieces: Basically demos on classic games.Though if you like them enough,you can buy it through Eshop.

41. Amiibos: Nothing too interesting.

42. Internet Connection: If you want to challenge other players across the world,have a good internet connection.

43. Notifications: Wooo,notifications.....don't care.

44. Friends and Tags: Um....I don't know how to explain this.

45. Tourneys: Not available yet but you will soon be able to host tournaments with your own rules.Not something I would use cause I'm not into competitive stuff.

46. Tournaments: Woooo another returning feature that I don't really care for.

47. WiiU Pad: Can display the damage counter,woooo...

48. Paint: You can uses the WiiU pad to paint the pictures you've taken.Pretty cool feature.I may use it.

49. Voice chat: You can only use this before and after the match. *shrugs* Meh.

50. Stage Builder: With the game pad,yes~

51. ( funny,they said that there was only 50 facts ) Sharing: You can share your pictures,Mii Fighters and custom stages with friends.You can even post your pictures on the internet for all to see. *thumbs up*

They show off the Bowser Jr reveal trailer.Even though we know about him,seeing the trailer is awesome.To be honest I was expecting a Duck Hunt reveal trailer because of Wednesday's picture.

52. Movies: Basically you can see all the reveal trailers,in HD!!! ( lol )

53. Sound Test: They basically talk about the CD that has the sound track for both versions of Smash Bros.You can only get this if you register both versions of the game on to your Club Nintendo account by January.

54: MEWTWO: Last but not least,they announce that Mewtwo will be implemented into the game.He will become available soon but you can only get him if you have both versions of the game.AND IT'S FREE.So all you Mewtwo crybaby fanboys can finally shut the f**k up.I swear to god,those people are the worst.Same goes for the Ridely fans.


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I only do requests for my friends.

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