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I'm gonna talk about Spoilers so if you don't want to be spoiled then don't read at all.Don't blame me if you read this and don't want to be spoiled.It's your own fault for ignoring what I said.We good?Good.

So Japan has their hand on the 3DS version of Smash Bros.In just a few hours,we all know what was in the game thanks to people streaming the game.I'm pretty much content with the roster but still confused on why Dr.Mario and Dark Pit aren't alternate costumes.They should've been alts,they pretty much play the same as their original counterparts but with very slight changes.As always,there's lots of people that are very unhappy with the final roster of characters once the games had come out.From a character that didn't make it in ( looking at you Ridley and Mewtwo fanboys,ugh can't stand those people ) or characters they don't like in the roster ( me being one of them for Dr.Mario and Dark Pit,but I can deal with it )

Final Roster for Smash Bros 4 and my opinions
Returning Characters- Mario- ( secondary main ) Final Smash: Same as Brawl,maybe could've been more stronger
Luigi- FS: Uses the Porterguist
Peach- FS: Same as Brawl,kinda underwhelming
Bowser- FS: Same as Brawl
Yoshi- FS: Same as Brawl
Kirby- ( main ) FS: Ultra Sword,love it
King Dedede- ( main ) FS: Uses his mallet to hit opponents multiple times then throws a bomb at them,impressive but to be honest miss his Waddle Dee army.It was cheap yes,but funny at the same time
Meta Knight- ( main ) FS: Same as Brawl.Kinda sucks but oh well
Fox- FS: Same as Brawl
Samus- FS: Same as Brawl
Zero-Suit Samus- FS: Summons her ship and shoots at opponents.Runs like Snake's FS
Pikachu- FS: Same as Brawl
Lucario- FS: Mega Evolution
Charizard- ( secondary main ) FS: Mega Evolution into X
Pit- FS: Three Scared Treasures
Donkey Kong: FS: Same as Brawl,which is lame
Diddy Kong- ( f**king piece of annoying s**t ) FS: Same as Brawl
Marth- FS: Same as Brawl
Ike- ( bro's main ) FS: Same as Brawl,Great Ather
Link- FS: Same as Brawl
Zelda/Shiek- FS: Same as Brawl
Toon Link- FS: Same as Brawl,why??
Sonic- FS: Same as Brawl,Super Sonic
Olimar- FS: Same as Brawl,why is that when there's an item that basically does the same thing?
Captain Falcon- Same as Brawl
Jigglypuff- Secret Character. FS: Same as Brawl,what a shame cause they never changed her moveset whatsoever
Falco- Secret Character. FS: Same as Brawl,why?Arwing should've been better for Falco,make him stand out from Fox
Ganondorf- Secret Character. FS: Same as Brawl.
Ness- Secret Character. FS: Same as Brawl,PK Star Storm.But unfortunately the range has been narrowed down drastically
Dr.Mario- Secret Character. FS: Same as Mario's but uses pills instead
Mr.Game and Watch- Secret Character. FS: Same as Brawl
Wario- Secret Character. FS: Same as Brawl
ROB- Secret Character. FS: Charges up a big laser and blasts opponents caught in it 

Newcomers- Villager- FS: Dream House
Megaman- ( how embarrassing,how did I forget about him when making this list??Seriously,he was the second newcomer confirmed for Smash ) FS: Summons his other counterparts and blasts opponents that get caught
Rosalina- FS: Power Star
Little Mac- FS: Giga Mac
Greninja- FS: Night Slash
Wii Fit Trainer: FS: Wii Fit
Mii Fighters- FS: Depends on what class you pick.Brawler- Kinda like Ike's FS.Sword- Slashes the air,creating shockwaves.Gunner- Triple Blast
Palutena- FS: Black Hole and Mega Laser.Bit overpowered much??
Pacman- FS: 8 Bit Pacman
Robin- FS: Teams up with Chrom and attacks opponents
Lucina- Secret Character. FS: Same as Marth's.Kinda a shame
Shulk- FS: Teams up with Rikki and Dunban while attacking opponents.
Bowser Jr- Secret Character. FS: Shadow Mario.Can't wait to play Ludwig
Duck Hunt- Secret Character. FS: Kinda like Captain Falcon but opponents caught in it will be shot at by the gunslingers
Dark Pit- Secret Character. FS: Kinda looks like Zelda/Shiek's FS

Characters That Were Cut- Wolf ( not sure why )
Lucas ( sorry K4E,I know you mained him )
Ice Climbers ( kinda know why,thank the 3DS limitations.....and please don't argue why Rosalina and Duck Hunt are in.I don't have a good explanation why they're in and IC are not )


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Things I like: Dragons,Kirby,Meta Knight,Nintendo-related stuff,anime stuff,animals,animation(especially flash animation),things that I find fun,wearing jeans XP

Things I dislike: Any offensive stuff about dragons,Kirby,MK,and Nintendo-related stuff.Wearing dresses (except on special occasions) XP

I only do requests for my friends.

Current Residence: Las Vegas,Nevada
Favourite genre of music: Pop,video game music or music from movies
Favourite style of art: Anime,Manga
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Kirby,Meta Knight,Kenny of South Park
Personal Quote: Gotta love the puff balls

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same here.  the RP pic is still open. if you want.
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It's ok.I did base Kenizar off of Kenny.Little did I know he was also based off Naruto cause of his color,demonic form and ninja fighting style
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It was supposed to be any offensive stuff about dragons,offensive stuff about Kirby,offensive stuff about MK and offensive stuff about Nintendo
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